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Parliamentary Private Secretaries

In September 1987, in the speech from the throne in Parliament, the policy to appoint Parliamentary Private Secretaries was announced. Consequently, ten members of the Legislative Assembly were appointed in January 1988 and the office of the Parliamentary Private Secretaries  (PPSs) was created.
The rationale behind appointing Parliamentary Private Secretaries (PPSs) is to work in regular consultation with the community/population and their main responsibilities to be the following:
 (i) Inform, educate and sensitize the members of the public regarding the implementation
  of Government’s policies and programmes; and
(ii) Ensure the link between Government and the public.
SN PARLIAMENTARY PRIVATE SECERETARIES ​Telephone Thru' CS FAX​ ​EMAIL Responsible for Constituency/ies​
​1 Hon. Sharvanand RAMKAUN 4050740 2101451 5,6,7
2 Hon. Rajcoomar  RAMPERTAB ​4050742 2100745 8,9
​3 Hon. Mrs Deveena BOYGAH 4050750 2122093 11,12,13
​​4 Hon. Toolsyraj BENYDIN ​4050738 2085106
5 Hon. Mrs Marie Claire Jeanne MONTY 4050746 2134858 1,4
6 Hon. Jean-Nel Alain ALIPHON ​4050744 2100746
​7 Dr the Hon. Mohamud Raffick SOREFAN 4050751​ ​2122162


​8 Hon. Gowkaran OREE 4050748​ ​2122018
​ 2,3
9 Hon. Jean Francisco FRANÇOIS 4050763​ ​​2102902 ​​21